Dispatches from a Freshman: A Pinch of Snow for Seasoning

November 14, 2002

Editor's Note: Here is the sixth in a series of dispatches from first-year Schreyer Honors College student Chris Perkins on his experiences getting used to college life.
I can't believe it snow! Last year my hometown went virtually an entire winter without a "real" snowfall, but at Penn State, we've already encountered our first snowfall of the semester. The flurries began to fall early in the morning (Oct. 29). But then large snowflakes, about the size of a half dollar, began to fall later that afternoon. A blanket of snow had already formed on the ground by the time I was done with classes. Some people carried umbrellas, obviously apathetic toward this momentous event. However, most everyone displayed a smile across his or her frozen lips. Getting to class the next day was no harder than any other day, aside from the fact that the snow was so enticing that I just wanted to skip class and make snow angels all day.
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