Exhibits on Identity, Cross-Culturalism Opens in Theater Galleries

February 14, 2003

Works by Rebecca Strzelec of Altoona and by Patricia Villalobos Echeverría of Pittsburgh will run through Sunday, March 23 in the Sheetz and McLanahan Galleries on campus. Strzelec, assistant professor of visual arts at Penn State Altoona, received her B.F.A, and M.F.A from Temple University's Tyler School of Art. Her work consists of sculpture and jewelry that is created via computer-aided design and rapid prototyping. She has produced a video documenting her research on various rapid prototyping processes that is serving as an educational tool for many institutions internationally. Echeverría was born in Tennessee in 1965 to Salvadorian parents, and grew up in Nicaragua. Her work concerns identity and trans-culturalism in an era of increasing globalization. In her photographs, videos and installations Villalobos sets this theme against the background of personal texts, images, and history. For the full story, visit http://www.aa.psu.edu/ur/releases/2003/02_03_03.htm

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