Free CD-ROM available to combat recent computer virus outbreak

August 26, 2003

University Park, Pa. -- In light of several major computer virus outbreaks recently which have affected users on Penn State's computing network, the University is taking steps to help students, faculty and staff protect their personal and office computing equipment.

Users should be advised that only Windows PCs are vulnerable to infection. Macintosh and Linux users are not affected.

Those who use the Penn State network should take preventative steps to protect their computer before connecting to the network. A CD-ROM, labeled 'Disinfect before you Connect,' contains the appropriate virus removal tools and security patch, and is available for free to all members of the University community. Windows PCs that connect to the network without the security patch could be infected within minutes.

For a copy of the CD-ROM, students should contact their resident assistant or computing assistant, or visit a computing help desk in any of the residence hall commons on the University Park campus. Faculty can obtain the CD-ROM at the campus computer store, or at 12 Willard Building or 215 Computer Building on the University Park campus.

There are consequences for connecting an infected computer to the network. Infected student computers may be flagged for excessive bandwidth consumption due to traffic generated by the virus. All infected computers will be immediately disconnected from the network, and may face a delay in servicing for re-connection to the network.

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