Health center stresses awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning

December 04, 2003

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious problem and more people need to be educated about its deadly results, according to Penn State Beaver nurse Barbara McDanel. She noted that CO cannot be seen or smelled but can, at high levels, kill within minutes. CO is produced when any fuel (gasoline, oil, kerosene, wood, charcoal, etc.) is burned. If the appliances used to burn these fuels are not carefully maintained and used properly, dangerous levels of CO can result. Hundreds die yearly from CO poisoning caused by cars idling in a closed space and improper use of fuel-burning appliances. McDanel stressed the importance of knowing the symptoms of CO poisoning and how to play it safe. She also noted that carbon monoxide detectors can be important for home use, but should not take the place of constant maintenance and checking of fuel-burning appliances on a year-round basis. To obtain more information about CO poisoning and / or CO detectors, contact McDanel at or (724) 773-3955. More detailed information and additional websites about CO are available by visiting

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