Legislators recognize Penn State as the commonwealth's land-grant university

March 15, 2004

University Park, Pa. -- In honor of the University's ongoing contributions to the commonwealth and in recognition of Penn State's upcoming sesquicentennial celebration, Rep. Lynn Herman, Rep. Kerry Benninghoff and Sen. Jake Corman have proposed resolutions celebrating Penn State's designation as Pennsylvania's singular land-grant university.

On March 8, Corman introduced Senate Resolution 209 in the Senate. Corman's resolution is co-sponsored by all 50 state Senators. Herman today (March 15) introduced an identical resolution -- House Resolution 600 -- to his colleagues in Harrisburg. The House resolution has nearly 150 co-sponsors.

The Senate and the House are expected to vote on the two resolutions on March 29.

"We are grateful that the legislature recognizes the important role the University has played in Pennsylvania," said Penn State President Graham B. Spanier. "Since its inception, Penn State has been committed to making a high quality college education available to Pennsylvanians and to disseminating the benefits gained through research to the citizens and industries of the commonwealth. By all indications, the University is excelling at that mission."

Penn State's official sesquicentennial begins July 1 and will be a yearlong observance. On Feb. 22, 2005, the University will mark the 150th anniversary of Gov. James Pollock's signing of the charter that established the college of scientific agriculture that grew to be one of the world's most distinguished centers of higher education.

"Our purpose for introducing and supporting this resolution is to recognize the importance and the contributions of Penn State to the commonwealth," Corman said. "This resolution is a show of support for the University's combined mission of teaching, research and service and to acknowledge the economic benefits associated with that mission."

Added Herman, "In its 150 years, Penn State has never strayed from its founding principles and its role as the commonwealth's singular land-grant institution. The University takes its unique responsibility for outreach and public service to support the citizens of Pennsylvania very seriously and is committed to improving the lives of the people of Pennsylvania, the nation and the world."

The vote by the House and Senate on Monday, March 29 will be preceded by a 1 p.m. press conference in the Capital Rotunda in Harrisburg. Spanier, Herman, Benninghoff and Corman will be among the speakers who will discuss Penn State's importance to Pennsylvania's citizens and businesses.

For more information on Penn State as a land-grant university, visit http://live.psu.edu/landgrant

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