A new partnership on a nursing degree; travel no longer an obstacle

March 18, 2004

Registered nurse Amanda Swanson always wanted to earn a master's degree in nursing. However, after earning an associate of science degree, she put her academic career on hold to accept a nursing fellowship. It wasn't until she accepted a full-time job as a staff educator for DuBois Regional Medical Center (DRMC) a year ago that she revisited the idea of working toward a master's degree. In order to get the baccalaureate-level classes she needed to begin the process, she had to travel outside of DuBois. In addition to time on the road, Swanson was faced with the challenge of scheduling classes around her work schedule and her volunteer commitments to youth programs. Travel and time are no longer obstacles to higher education for registered nurses like Swanson thanks to a partnership between DRMC and Penn State School of Nursing, University Park.
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