Registrar's office warns of fraudulent e-mails

July 01, 2004

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State has taken action regarding fraudulent e-mails being sent to users about confirmation of their enrollment and account information. The e-mail, with a subject line of "Account Information" or possibly some derivative, appears to come from the Registrar's Office and asks users to confirm their enrollment by clicking a link. This is an attempt by criminals to capture a user's user ID and password.

Faculty, staff and students are asked not to follow the instructions in the body of this e-mail or any similar e-mails that ask users to confirm their enrollment or account information. The e-mail content's poor spelling is an indication that the e-mail is not legitimate, and the Web site listed is not part of the Penn State domain ( or an official commercial or organizational (.com or .org) Web site, a further indication that it is not legitimate.

Individuals who may have entered their user ID and password based on the instructions provided in the fraudulent e-mail should immediately change their password using the following URL:

Anyone who is unable to change his or her password using the Web site provided after inadvertently using the fraudulent Web site should call Security Operations and Services at (814) 863-9533 or e-mail

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