Dual exhibit celebrates African culture

January 14, 2005

The Robeson Gallery on the Penn State University Park campus will present the culturally inspired works of two-dimensional artist Eugene Grigsby Jr. and sculptor Woodrow Nash from Jan. 19 through Feb. 27. Grigsby is a celebrated artist and professor. He recently completed a 65-year retrospective exhibition celebrating his art, titled "The Eye of Shamba." Grigsby employs a variety of techniques including painting and printmaking to create works which, with the knowledge of basic design, illustrate the combination of "an understanding of self and heritage with an expression of the human condition." The result is a collection of works that celebrate an awareness of his heritage and the ways in which it has inspired and shaped him.

Sculptor Nash combines a variety of methods and styles with various ceramic media to create one-of-a-kind objets d'art that celebrate and promote the beauty of African culture. "African Nouveau is the term I use to describe my present body of work," he said. "It's specifically African and European in influence. The images are African, in general. The concept is 15th-century Benin with the graceful, slender proportions and long, undulating lines of 18th-century Art Nouveau."

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