'Perfect Woman' exhibit to open at HUB

January 14, 2005

An exhibition containing paper dresses, dolls, mixed media, drawing and castings by Donnamaria Bruton, "Calculations for the Perfect Woman," will be on display Jan. 18 through March 16 in the HUB Gallery, University Park.

This exhibit was inspired by everyday catalog shopping and the way visualization can alter perspectives and become the basis for selecting a purchase. Bruton developed a "formula that calculates the height, weight and volume of actual women and projects how tall they need to be in order to fit contemporary standards of beauty." She then applied it to the construction of various dresses that serve as projections of this formula. More recently Bruton has begun to use the same forms explore issues of identity in her dresses as well as incorporating a deeper interest in materials. Bruton is dean of graduate studies and an associate professor of painting at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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