New media artist Eduardo Kac to lecture at the Palmer

February 23, 2005

New media artist Eduardo Kac will present a public lecture at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 1, in the Palmer Lipcon Auditorium of the Palmer Museum of Art, University Park. Kac (pronounced "Katz"), recognized for his interactive net installations and his bio art, was a pioneer of telecommunications art in the pre-Web 1980s. His lecture is part of the School of Visual Arts' Anderson Endowment Lecture Series. Kac's visionary combination of robotics and networking explores the fluidity of subject positions in the post-digital world. His work deals with issues that range from the mythopoetics of online experience to the cultural impact of biotechnology; from the changing condition of memory in the digital age to distributed collective agency; from the problematic notion of the exotic to the creation of life and evolution. After an introduction contextualizing his telepresence work, Kac will give examples and further discuss his current transgenic work, which are projects in genetic engineering. He will conclude with a brief explanation of his most recent transgenic works: "GPF Bunny," "The Eighth Day" and "Move 36." For updates on the spring 2005 Anderson Endowment lecture schedule, live-casts and an online archive, visit

  • Alba, Eduardo Kac's green fluorescent protein (GFP) bunny, is a genetically engineered albino rabbit with an additional wild-type green fluorescent gene found in the jellyfish Aequorea Victoria.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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