Concert of computer music logs in

March 09, 2005

A concert of computer music will be held at 5 p.m. March 26 in 128 Music Building II, University Park. The concert will be the culmination of a special workshop held by visiting professor Mark Polishook, associate professor of music composition at Central Washington University. The workshop will be an introduction to the music software synthesis program SuperCollider, and will cover programming as a means of composition and as a way to support performance. Using the SuperCollider programming language, students can turn their computers into music synthesizers of their own design, generating audio from the computer or adding audio effects to sound brought in to the computer via microphone. Following an intensive two-day workshop, students will present their works in this concert. Works by Polishook and Mark Ballora, assistant professor of music technology, also will be featured on the program. This concert is free to the public.

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