Penn State DuBois Pioneers being enlisted to help find former classmates

March 25, 2005

Penn State DuBois is looking for a few lost alumni, and the campus has enlisted a qualified "posse" to help track them down.

"For a number of years now, we've sponsored a Pioneer Alumni reunion concurrent with our spring commencement," said Anita McDonald, campus executive officer. "We're hoping to enlist the aid of those pioneers to help us locate other students who were here at the time, but for whom we don't have current address information."

Pioneer Alumni are those who have attended Penn State DuBois and earned a degree from Penn State 50 years ago or more. The campus has records for about 450 former students who meet that criteria, but nearly 100 are incomplete. In other words, they don't have a confirmed mailing address or any recent update.

"Information in our database is often only as good as what our alumni provide," explained Charlene Gaus, alumni relations officer. "When an individual becomes a member of the Penn State Alumni Association, gets involved with the campus alumni society or responds to a mailing, we're able to capture and update address information. But many of the records from our earliest classes are incomplete. We've lost touch with those former students, and we'd like to make an effort get back in touch with them. Their former classmates are probably the best-qualified group to help."

Gaus said plans are under way for the sixth annual Pioneer Alumni reunion this spring at Penn State DuBois. Addressable alumni will be getting a letter of invitation from McDonald and also a request to help locate their former classmates.

The letters will contain a list of graduates from as early as 1940 to 1955, all individuals for whom the campus does not have current address information.

"We have a great crew of Pioneer Alumni out there," Gaus said. "Not all of them are able to attend our reunions, but we often hear from them off and on in the course of the year. Hopefully, some of our Pioneers will look through the list, recognize the names of classmates and let us know where they are now."

Gaus said once they are located, the newly discovered Pioneer Alumni will receive an invitation to this spring's reunion. The event is scheduled for the weekend of Saturday, May 14.

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