Heard on Campus: Steve Forbes at the Distinguished Speakers Series

April 15, 2005

"Despite a large amount of uncertainty right now, despite some temporary turbulence, we should be on the cusp of one of the most innovative and inventive periods in world history. Today, despite some real problems with the economy, the situation overall is very good. We're in the midst of a productivity boom; technology that's coming out of this period is very real and companies are learning to apply that technology. We have the world at our fingertips."

-- Steve Forbes, author, economic prognosticator, former presidential candidate and CEO of Forbes, Inc., during his Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS) presentation Thursday (April 14) at Eisenhower Auditorium on the University Park campus. For more information about the DSS, visit http://www.sa.psu.edu/usa/dss/

  • Steve Forbes

    IMAGE: Greg Grieco
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