Scott publishes book on transition from collegiate to professional football

September 23, 2005

Geoffrey Scott, professor of law, Penn State Dickinson School of Law, has authored "Football Rising to the Challenge: The Transition from College to Pro," published by Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

This book is designed to assist collegiate players with career potential as they pursue a career in professional football by helping them to meet and overcome certain challenges. It includes information on legal issues; financial career concerns; agent issues; mental and emotional preparation; dealing with the media; balancing personal goals with team interests; endorsement deals and much more. The volume has 47 original essays written by more than 35 well-known professional athletes, college and professional coaches, NFL team and league administrators, agents, lawyers and others who have experience in the field. Contributors include Head Coach Joe Paterno and former Penn State football players Doug Allen, Buffalo Bills and current assistant executive director of the NFLPA; LaVar Arrington, Washington Redskins; Andre Collins, Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears; Aaron Collins, Canadian League; Brad Scioli, Indianapolis Colts; Brett Conway, Washington Redskins; and Kenny Watson, Cincinnati Bengals.

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