Achievement awards committee, subcommittees formed

October 21, 2005

A general committee chaired by Billie S. Willits, associate vice president for Human Resources, has been appointed to review nominations for the 2006 Faculty and Staff Achievement Awards -- the Barash Award for Human Service, the McKay Donkin Award, the Award for Administrative Excellence, the Staff Excellence Award, the Support Staff Award and the Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award. Six subcommittees will screen nominations and develop recommendations for the respective awards.

Nominations currently are being accepted for the 2006 awards, and are encouraged from University and local community organizations and individuals. Nominators may obtain copies of a standardized format for submitting nominations by visiting the Office of Human Resources‚ Web site at under the Document section. The nomination form also is available by contacting the Office of Human Resources at (814) 863-6188.

For additional information related to the awards and the process go to online. Nominations not being submitted electronically should be sent to Billie S. Willits, Box 6, Rider Building. The deadline for submitting nominations is Dec. 1. Earlier submission is encouraged and appreciated. Supporting information which accompanies nominations should be brief and specific to the award criteria.

Members appointed to the subcommittees for the 2006 awards are:

-- Barash Award subcommittee: Katie O‚Toole, Deb Ault, Marilyn Mazza, Rick Stringer, Tammy Miller, Ryan Bennington and Kristin Myers.

-- McKay Donkin Award subcommittee: Rob Pangborn, Susan Youtz, Amy Freeman, Cynthia Brewer, Jeff Mayer, Angelique Bacon-Woodard and Major Coleman.

-- Award for Administrative Excellence subcommittee: Elizabeth Jenkins, Karen Schultz, Dorothy Guy, Art Carter, Nancy Herron, Gail Gilchrest and Kristen Sommese.

-- Staff Excellence Award subcommittee: Judy Cranage, Indrani Basak, Mary O. Miller, Joyce Matthews, Catherine DuFour, Robert Meyer and Ben Niebel.

-- Support Staff Award subcommittee: Edward Mulfinger, Anita Heichel, Juanita Wolfe, Karen Hackett, Kathryn McClintock, Mary Hooper and Erica Foley.

-- Dr. James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award subcommittee: Ed Thompson, Carolyn Saona, Kate Poorman, Tineke Cunning, Cheryl Glenn and Mila Su.

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