'No Puff Daddy' raps message at tobacco conference

December 07, 2005

DuBois -- Philadelphia motivational rapper Sterlen Barr turned the blame in the tobacco war not to smokers, but to the tobacco industry and the drug itself.

Barr, who calls himself "No Puff Daddy," was the keynote speaker at the Youth Against Tobacco conference held Friday at Penn State DuBois, a joint effort of the American Cancer Society the Clearfield-Jefferson Partnership for Tobacco-Free Youth and the DuBois and Punxsutawney chambers of commerce. Barr, now the chief executive officer of Rapping About Prevention Inc., related his own family's experience as he observed his brother's smoking habit as the "gateway" to alcohol abuse, hard-core drugs and crime. Barr's own grandmother also became a victim of tobacco use, ultimately dying of lung cancer and emphysema.

Barr contended the tobacco industry is aware of the dangers and addictive qualities of cigarettes, as well as preventative measures that can be taken that reduce those dangers. Yet improvements are not made to cigarettes because of the cost to the industry, he claimed. Marketing efforts by the industry bank on making smoking seem cool, he said.

Barr uses rap music as a platform to convey his message about tobacco and the industry. He performed the song, "Unfiltered Facts" for the crowd of about 150 high school and college students, service providers and community leaders.

Barr is a staff member of the Health Promotion Council of Southeastern PA Inc. and the Tobacco-Free Education and Action Coalition for Health.

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