Enhanced access to benefits information available for medical center employees

January 19, 2006

Last month, employees participating in the Penn State Herhsey Medical Center benefits plan were mailed letters containing a special Personal Identification Number (PIN) from Capital BlueCross. This PIN enabled individuals to upgrade their online access a second level of services on the Capital BlueCross page for medical center employees.

Employees who haven't yet upgraded their accounts, however, will find their PIN has expired and will need to request a new one. To do it, log onto the Medical Center's Employee Self Service site and click onto the Capital BlueCross Web portal for information on how to access a new pin number. Capital Blue Cross will mail a new PIN to any employees who requests it that will enable them to complete the account upgrade.

Once upgraded, employees participating in the Penn State Hershey health-care benefits plan will be able to:

-- Access Health Reimbursement Account information from the Capital Blue Cross Penn State Hershey Medical Center Web page.

-- Check benefits and the eligibility status for themselves or a family member.

-- Update address information.

-- View processed claims, check claim status or print an Explanation of Benefits Statement.

Once employees have upgraded their accounts to Advanced Member Access, they can use all Member Secure Services from work via the Capital Blue Cross Penn State Hershey Medical Center Web page.

For more information, contact Capital Blue Cross Customer Service at (800) 654-0136.

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