Penn State Police caution fans to remain safe

October 11, 2006

Most Penn State fans made it through last year's big night game against Ohio State just fine, but campus police report there will be a strong contingent of safety personnel outside and inside Beaver Stadium on Saturday to make sure the event is as safe as possible for everyone.

"University Police will have a significant amount of police presence during this year's Penn State vs. Michigan game day," according to Tyrone Parham, assistant director of police services. "There will be increased presence in the parking lots, which will be supplemented by Pennsylvania State Police troopers and State College Police officers."

"With an 8 p.m. start time, evening games can bring unique challenges created by excessive alcohol consumption. We want fans to be safe, and if they are having a problem or see a problem we ask them to contact us immediately."

As in other games this season, the Mobile Command police vehicle will be parked along Park Avenue near Jeffrey Field for fan assistance. The 867-FANS hotline will also be staffed to assist fans.

"We want to remind fans to treat everyone, including visiting team fans, with respect and dignity," Parham said.

University Police also discourage fans from buying tickets from anyone they do not know. Doing this may cause someone to pay a high price for a counterfeit ticket. University Police will have plain clothes officers assigned to scalping enforcement.

In addition to the police presence in the parking lots, there will be a significant amount of police personnel inside Beaver Stadium to increase safety.

"There will also be a considerable amount of police personnel on the field after the game to prevent fans from entering the field," Parham said. "University Police want to reduce risks and prevent injury so they're asking everyone to remain in the stands or simply exit the stadium once the game is over."

Police will be prepared to challenge anyone who trespasses on the field and will enforce the Criminal Trespass statute.

It is legal for anyone 21 and over to consume alcohol in the parking lots around the stadium until the game begins and then once again when it ends.

For photos of police on patrol at the Penn State-Northwestern game, visit online.


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  • On football Saturdays, local and state police officers team up to patrol inside and outside Beaver Stadium to ensure the safety of the more than 100,000 people who converge on the University Park campus to watch the Nittany Lions play. For more photos, click on the image above.

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