Heard on Campus: Sony BMG Music Entertainment VP Lisa Ellis

February 21, 2007

"Music is as popular now if not more popular than ever. Everything is stocked with music in the background. It's probably more vibrant than ever before. The technology, though, has shifted how you receive it and how you buy it.... [Physical units] will still exist, because as with anything, like the book community, people will still want to see and feel the product. There will still be a physical business; it just might not be the prominent business we're in. The reason why we're doing programs with students and working with schools like Penn State is to see where the digital business can go."
--Lisa Ellis, executive vice president of Sony BMG Music Entertainment, speaking to Penn State students Tuesday (Feb. 20) afternoon at the HUB Robeson Center on the University Park campus. Ellis chatted with Penn State President Graham Spanier and fielded questions from students about the music industry. Ellis and colleague Seth Cassel were also on campus to present information to students about a new internship and talent development program with Columbia Records for students from select colleges to work on projects with a digital focus. Top performers will be offered a full-time position above entry-level with the label.

  • Penn State President Graham B. Spanier and Sony BMG Music Entertainment Executive Vice President Lisa Ellis led a discussion about the music industry Tuesday (Feb. 20) at Penn State.

    IMAGE: Geoff Rushton

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