Heard on campus: Robert Shaler and Barry Scheck

March 08, 2007

"If you're looking at the crime scene with a myopic point of view, then you're only going to find the things you'd expect to find." -- Robert Shaler, professor of biochemistry and molecular biology, and director of the Forensic Science Program at Penn State, discussing subjective analysis of forensic evidence.

"I don't think the O.J. murder case did anything good for the criminal justice system in America. Or race relations. It was a disaster." -- Barry Scheck, attorney, DNA expert and co-founder of The Innocence Project. Scheck was part of the defense team in the O.J. Simpson murder trial and called the case a watershed for the forensics community, based on evidentiary problems that surfaced during the trial.

Shaler and Scheck discussed "What You Don't Know About Forensics" as part of the Penn State Faculty/Staff Club Forum. For information on upcoming speakers in the Penn State Forum lineup, visit http://live.psu.edu/story/18687 online.

  • Robert Shaler, left, and Barry Scheck spoke at the March 8 Forum lunch.

    IMAGE: Chris Koleno

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