Did You Know? Newspaper Readership Program's 10th anniversary

October 04, 2007

Did you know ... during the week of Oct. 8, Penn State's University Park campus will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its innovative Student Newspaper Readership Program -- now a model for 500 similar programs at colleges and universities spanning the nation. A complement to the Newspaper Readership Program is another Penn State innovation, its eco-friendly, student-friendly newspaper recycling program, which has been modeled nationwide at universities including Arizona State, Notre Dame, West Virginia and the University of Missouri.

By the Numbers

-- The amount of national and local newspapers distributed at Penn State last year alone is enough to cover every seat in Beaver Stadium 6.9 times.

-- In the past 10 years, Penn State has recycled 1,774 tons of newspapers and counting -- an estimated 7 million newspapers, or enough to fill the field of Beaver Stadium to a depth of 37 inches -- with a weight equivalent to at least 142 adult male African elephants or 15,653 adult male mountain lions.

-- Since 1997, the volume of newspapers Penn State has recycled has earned more than $84,000 in student scholarship funds.

For more fun facts about the Penn State newspaper recycling program's environmental and cost savings since 1997, visit http://live.psu.edu/story/26336 online.

Watch a video about the Student Newspaper Readership Program and its recycling efforts at http://live.psu.edu/video/59 online.

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