Penn State to increase Wireless Network Security

April 02, 2008

University Park, Pa. -- Information Technology Services (ITS) recently modified a part of the University's network that impacts non-Penn State traffic entering Penn State Wireless networks. This change was made to use Penn State's wireless resources more efficiently to address the increasing demand for the service, while simultaneously increasing network security.

The following items will not be affected by this change: intra-campus Penn State Wireless connections; outgoing Penn State Wireless network connections; and typical network use such as accessing Web sites and checking e-mail.

However, Penn State wireless connections that use active FTP or the X Window System to connect to external servers will no longer work effectively after the April 2 modifications. Individuals using these types of connections will  now need to use more secure methods. For information and instructions on how to implement these secure connections, visit the ITS Knowledge Base at

Problem reports and requests for assistance should be directed to

Last Updated March 19, 2009