Penn State is taking the Green Challenge with new campaign

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State is challenging itself to go "green."

As a part of its "My 20" Campaign, the University is challenging all students, faculty and staff to reduce their energy consumption and use of natural resources by 20 percent during Earth Week (April 20-26).

A few simple changes in the daily routine can reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions at University Park. For example, taking the bus or walking to work for one day when one would normally drive to work would count for an individual's 20 percent. Making a few changes for one week can plant the seeds for new energy-efficient habits.

By going green for one week, whether it is riding a bicycle to campus, turning off computer screens, printing double-sided pages, buying recycled content paper or turning off unused lights, Penn Staters can do their part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Small changes made by a large group of people can have a big environmental impact for future generations.

During Earth Week, offices, departments and student groups can set up challenges to see who can conserve the most energy, recycle the most and spread green awareness. The My 20 Challenges are a fun way to teach how to learn environmentally friendly activities and help the environment.

By visiting participants can find example challenges and a list of green activities. Visitors can learn more, including personal green stories, and see what others are doing.  

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Last Updated March 19, 2009