New documentary showcases food and art

June 09, 2008

A new documentary featuring the artwork and delectable dishes created by artist Claude Monet, titled "Monet's Palate," will premiere at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 18, on WPSU-TV. The documentary is the first film by creator and producer Aileen Bordman, a 1979 graduate of Penn State.

"Monet’s Palate" provides viewers with a detailed look at the man who helped define impressionist art. In "Monet’s Palate," celebrity narrator Meryl Streep joins Steve Wynn and Joachim Pissarro to help draw connections between Monet’s love of food and art. Wynn shares his personal Monet collection with viewers. This "palate to palette" exploration of Monet is a new perspective on the "Father of Impressionism."

Viewers can embark on a culinary tour of Monet's beloved Normandy, a region of France just north of Paris, along the Seine River. This region inspired Monet's passion for art and his passion for fine cuisine. Both of Monet's palates met at this home in Giverny, France, surrounded by his beautiful gardens.

"Monet’s Palate" includes exclusive footage of Monet’s house in Normandy, where he lived for more than 40 years, including shots of the dining room where he entertained guests such as Marcel Proust and Paul Cezanne. The documentary also features Monet’s paintings on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and chefs Alice Waters, Daniel Boulud and Michel Richard prepare Monet’s favorite meals.

"Exploring the inner workings of Monet’s mind, work and palate brings new meaning to the man known widely for his contributions to impressionism," said Bordman. "Working on this documentary was such an enlightenment of my senses and I believe our viewers will find the same to be true."

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