Penn State Professors Give The Gift Of Christmas Knowledge

December 08, 1997


University Park, PA -- For many Americans, Christmas is a time of celebration and gift-giving. It also is a time of overkill for journalists searching for new stories to write between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Professors in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences can offer their expertise on a variety of Christmas issues ranging from poinsettias to pine trees.

The following faculty would be effective Christmas sources:

Gregory Ziegler, associate professor of food science. Ziegler can discuss the history of chocolate as well as its physical properties. He also can talk about other types of candy. His office number is 814-863-2960.

J. Lynne Brown, associate professor of food science. Brown is an expert on nutrition and how consumers make decisions about foods and food products. Her office number is 814-863-3973.

Marilyn Furry, associate professor of agricultural and extension education. Furry is an expert on family resource management and how families and youths make decisions about finances and spending. Specific topics include financial planning, credit, risk management, saving and investments. Her office number is 814-863-7869.

Larry Kuhns, professor of ornamental horticulture. He is an expert on all phases of Christmas tree production. His office number is 814-863-2197.

Dennis Wolnick, associate professor of floriculture. Wolnick is an expert on the flower industry. He also is an expert on poinsettias. His office number is 814-865-6596.


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