Farm Show Visitors Can Learn About Space Exploration

December 22, 1998

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- For six days in January, Pennsylvania residents will be able to take a space walk around the International Space Station (ISS) and talk with NASA engineers and scientists via a live videoconference link to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

These and other out-of-this-world experiences await visitors to the Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium/NASA booth at the 1999 Pennsylvania Farm Show, Jan. 9-14 at the State Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

This exhibit will allow visitors to handle some of the same training equipment and technology used by astronauts as they prepare for shuttle and space station missions. The future ISS lab will support experiments on plant growth, egg incubation, fish development and human diseases to help create a self-sustaining, controlled environmental life support system. Agricultural technologies with a space connection will be highlighted.

The exhibit will feature a high fidelity mockup of the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) used by Shuttle astronaut Bruce McCandless as he conducted the first untethered spacewalk in 1984. Visitors will be able to climb into the MMU and use hand controllers to take a video excursion around the ISS. Space Station Program officials also will discuss space station science and activities via a live videoconference link from the Space Station mockup located at the Johnson Space Center.

Teachers and their classes are invited to visit the booth in the Family Living and Agricultural Learning Center on the second floor of the Farm Show Complex, January 9-14, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Teacher materials will be available.

The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium of the Pennsylvania State University sponsors the participation of the ISS outreach team. For more information, visit the World Wide Web at, or contact Geraldine Russell by e-mail or by phone (814-863-5957).


EDITORS: Artistic representations of the International Space Station (NASA Photo Numbers S95-05075; S95-05077; S95078; S95-05079; S95-05247; and S95-11069) may be obtained by contacting the Johnson Space Center Still Photography Library at (281) 483-4231. Also, animation of Atlantis docking with the Mir Space Station may be obtained by contacting the Johnson Space Center newsroom at (281) 483-5111. For more information about the ISS, contact James Hartsfield at the Johnson Space Center.

Contacts: Geraldine Russell 814-863-5957

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