Penn State Brandywine selected to house earthquake monitoring system

August 04, 2008

Penn State Brandywine was selected as one of four sites throughout the state to house an earthquake monitoring station. Jordi Julia Casas, a member of Penn State's Department of Geosciences at University Park, visited the campus to ascertain the best location for this device, which will be installed in the next few weeks. The instrument will enable scientists to detect seismic waves and observe their paths across the state. This will help to identify faults located miles beneath the earth's surface.

Andrew Nyblade, professor of geosciences, is spearheading the effort to establish a Pennsylvania earthquake monitoring network. Working in conjunction with the  Pennsylvania Geological Survey, he and other Penn State researchers plan to install more monitors in the coming years.

  • Jordi Julia Casas places the station in a back room of the campus' maintenance building.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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