Wildlife abounds on University Park campus

August 12, 2008

University Park, Pa. -- One never knows what one will see on Penn State's University Park campus, but even so a red-tailed hawk caught some passers-by by surprise on Monday afternoon (Aug. 11). The impressive bird of prey stationed itself on a lamppost near the back side of Old Main. Not surprisingly, there was no other wildlife around the area.

Wildlife of many different types can be found on all Penn State campuses. What wildlife specimens can you find on your campus? Send your single best photo of animals on your Penn State campus (other than pets, please) by Friday, Aug. 22, to AMountz@psu.edu.

Photos must be at least 1250 pixels in size and must Include complete caption information, including when and where the photo was taken, and the name of the photographer. We'll publish a selection of what we receive on Penn State Live.

For examples of some campus wildlife photos from University Park, visit http://live.psu.edu/stilllife/1774 online.

  • This hawk perched outside of Old Main. For more photos, click on the image above.

    IMAGE: Annemarie Mountz
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