Changes for Paternoville and student gate at Beaver Stadium in 2008

August 28, 2008

University Park — To improve the safety and security at and around Gate A of Beaver Stadium, Penn State Athletics has planned and prepared for a new student entry pattern into the stadium. 

The system will allow students and stadium staff alike to facilitate stadium entry by having the students enter a serpentine walkway pattern immediately after passing through an area outside of the gate area where student coupons and valid Penn State student identification are verified and a general security search occurs.

Beyond this check, students who arrive before the gates open will enter a serpentine structure to establish their space in line. There will be two serpentines for the freshmen and sophomore gates and one for junior, senior, and advanced ticket sales. Students will leave the serpentine and pass through the stadium gates to exchange coupons for seat locations.

Students are encouraged to arrive at Gate A well in advance, as the new process will likely result in some additional time. Students participating in Paternoville will continue to enter the stadium before other students by maintaining positions at the front of the formed line. 

Another noticeable change for students as they enter Gate A this year will be that game day personnel will be swiping students’ ID cards through electronic readers, similar to what Penn State students currently experience when entering dining halls or when using Lion Cash.This will be done at home games this season as preliminary testing for the implementation of virtual ticketing for the 2009 football season. Beginning next year, paper tickets will not be issued to students, and all ticketing and stadium entry will be done via Penn State student ID cards.

The procedures for Paternoville “residency” at all home games also have been clarified by the organization’s coordination committee for this season. All participants will be required to register their tents with the PCC upon arrival outside Gate A. In addition to a basic briefing, campers will need to provide the last names of all members in their group, with no names being added after that initial registration period. There will be a maximum of 10 campers per registered group. 

After registration, Paternoville will resume as normal until Saturday morning, when at approximately 7 a.m., wristbands will be distributed to each Paternoville registered group. For every group representative that sleeps out Friday night, a maximum of four wristbands will be issued to that person. For example, a registered group of eight people would need two people to sleep out Friday night in order to receive wristbands for all group members. The wristbands then serve as the camper’s admission into the serpentine, but they do not guarantee a camper's seat in the stadium.

After all campers have been issued wristbands and disassembled their tents, Paternoville participants will move to the concrete apron in front of the gate. While the stadium operations crew is placing the barriers to form the serpentine pattern, three separate lines will be formed: Two FS/SO lines and one JR/SR line.  Each line will start with the section whose tickets are distributed at the far left entry booth. Those groups will be followed by the section whose tickets are given out by the entry booth from the left. The process of organizing the line will progress according to ticket distribution moving left to right.

Students will be staged in the serpentine walkway and remain in place until Gate A opens. Six Paternoville Coordination Committee representatives willact as line monitors to check wristbands and to make sure Paternoville participants enter the proper booth as they enter the stadium. For more specific details, please visit the web at Students not participating in Paternoville will enter the serpentine behind those who participate in Paternoville. A slideshow has been posted by the coordination committee to demonstrate the process in greater detail.

There may be adjustments week-to-week in the implementation of this new system to better facilitate student safety and traffic flow, according to Intercollegiate Athletics officials, who appreciate the patience of fans and urge them to plan for an early arrival to the games. 


  • Changes have been made for Paternoville and student entry to Beaver Stadium to improve safety and security.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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