Decision 2008: Watch, blog, vote

September 19, 2008

Join with others to view the presidential debates on television in the News and Microforms Library, 21 Pattee Library, west. Participants are encouraged to make their voices heard by bringing their laptops for "live blogging" or submit or update blogs later. For details, call Deborah Cheney at (814)-863-1345,, or Cheryl McCallips at (814) 863-1365 or

All debates take place at 7:30 p.m. The schedule is as follows:

-- Sept. 26: Presidential debate on domestic policy;

-- Oct. 2: Vice presidential debate;

-- Oct. 7: Presidential debate, town hall format;

-- Oct. 15: Presidential debate on foreign policy;

-- Nov 4: Election coverage, time to be determined.

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