Front Line Food Safety offers variety, engaging perspective

September 23, 2008

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – An estimated 76 million people suffer from foodborne illnesses each year, according to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For food processing plants, well-trained food handlers can be the first and best protection against contamination. However, what if your facility does not have the time or resources to devote to training?

The Penn State Department of Food Science offers “Front Line Food Safety,” a program dedicated to meeting the training needs of food processors and handlers. Conducted by trained Penn State Cooperative Extension educators, “Front Line Food Safety” uses engaging presentations to promote concepts important to safety and hygiene for food handlers through a series of training modules designed to meet each company’s needs. The course encourages hands-on participation through activities such as hand-washing demonstrations and discussions about how safety procedures apply to a food handler’s specific operation.

“The ability to customize training and offer it on-site is exactly what these facilities need,” said Martin Bucknavage, Penn State food safety specialist. “When you look at the same supervisor every day, it is nice to have food safety experts come from the outside with a different perspective.”

“Front Line Food Safety” is geared towards supervisors, line workers, maintenance personnel and sales staff. Among the modules are sessions covering food defense, sanitation and food allergens. Each module lasts approximately one to two hours.

“Front Line Food Safety” includes visual learning and leave-behind training aids, such as sets of food safety training posters, to continue reinforcement after the on-site program takes place. More information on the “Front Line Food Safety” training program is available online at



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