Who will win the election? Second poll results to be released Thursday

October 21, 2008

University Park, Pa. — As the race for the White House enters its final, crucial days, results of the second Big Ten Battleground Poll detailing the attitudes of voters in the eight-state Big Ten region, including Pennsylvania, will be released on Thursday, Oct. 23.

The survey, which results from a partnership among eight Big Ten universities, will be unveiled in a 90-minute show called “Big Ten Battleground: Campaign 2008.” The program will air at 3 p.m. CDT (4 p.m. EDT) on the Big Ten Network.

The states included in the poll were Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. In the first poll, Pennsylvania residents were locked in a statistical dead heat between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama. Six other states also had the same results. The exception was Illinois, Obama’s home state.

The current poll will again indicate voter preferences for the candidates in each of the eight states, including some of the most hotly contested states in the nation. The first wave of results will be posted in the early morning Oct. 23 at http://www.bigtenpoll.org. More detailed results will be posted at the site later in the day.

The scientific poll, which is sampling of 600 individuals in each of the eight states, is co-directed by University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientists Charles Franklin, co-developer of Pollster.com, and Ken Goldstein, director of the Wisconsin Advertising Project, which tracks political ads on television.

Results of the first Big Ten Battleground Poll were released on Sept. 18 and can be found at http://www.bigtenpoll.org, along with more information about the poll, the university partnership and the Big Ten Network program.


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