Financial education expert to give tips on CNN

Cathy Bowen, associate professor of agricultural and extension education and a specialist in consumer issues and financial education at Penn State, is scheduled to appear on CNN's "Open House" program at 9:30 a.m. EST on Saturday (Nov. 29), and on CNN Headline News at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday (Nov. 30), discussing strategies for coping with a financial downturn.

Bowen is a co-author of "Bouncing Back When Your Income Drops," the 11-part booklet series, along with Marilyn Furry, associate professor of agricultural extension education, and Natalie Ferry, retired coordinator of special program initiatives for Penn State Cooperative Extension.

The series was created to help families that have to make adjustments in meeting basic needs when there is a job loss or some other event that causes an unexpected loss of income. The full story on the booklet series is at

The "Bouncing Back When Your Income Drops" fact sheets are available at online. Single copies also can be obtained free of charge by Pennsylvania residents through county Penn State Cooperative Extension offices or by contacting the College of Agricultural Sciences Publications Distribution Center at (814) 865-6713 or by e-mail at


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Last Updated November 18, 2010