Meet Lawrence Hunchuck, Fayette's newest mining technology instructor

November 26, 2008

Lawrence A. Hunchuck is Penn State Fayette’s newest mining technology instructor. Hunchuck teachs "Mine Plant Technology," "Mine Management” and "Strata Control Methods."

Hunchuck received his bachelor’s degree in engineering of mines from West Virginia University and his master’s degree in mining engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. He began his mining career as an operating engineer, and worked his way through various supervisory positions to become the longwall area manager at U.S. Steel Mining Company Inc., where he was accountable for all environment, safety and health regulations as required by the Mine Safety and Health Administration, and the Department of Deep Mine Safety for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Hunchuck also worked for U.S. Steel Corp. as a senior supervisor.

Hunchuck is a member of the Society of Mining Engineers. He plans to bring “real-world” examples into his classroom to further add to his students’ academic experiences.

  • Lawrence A. Hunchuck

    IMAGE: Susan Brimo-Cox

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