Professor Victor Romero writes 'Everyday Law for Immigrants'

December 11, 2008

Renowned legal scholar and law professor Victor C. Romero has authored a new guide on the U.S. immigration system for readers who are not lawyers. "Everyday Law for Immigrants," part of the Everyday Law Series by Paradigm Publishers, will hit store shelves on Dec. 30.

The work has been praised for its clarity. Noted immigration law expert and casebook author Stephen H. Legomsky of the Washington University School of Law said, “A highly respected immigration law scholar has managed to take a hopelessly convoluted set of laws and policies and explain them in plain English without being simplistic or one-sided.”

Writing for nonlawyers was a change of pace for Romero, who normally pens academic essays, chapters, and books, including “Alienated: Immigration Rights, the Constitution, and Equality in America” (NYU Press, 2005) and “Immigration and the Constitution” (an anthology which he co-edited.)

This project appealed to Professor Romero in many ways. He jumped at the chance to aid the general public in understanding the complexities of immigration law.

“To be able to write a book outlining the basic everyday challenges immigrants face was too good to pass up," he said. "Second, because I generally write in law reviews and to an academic audience, this was a chance to try to describe the field to those who work in the trenches and who deal with these issues daily. Finally, having immigrated here from the Philippines many years ago, and having three children who were adopted from Manila and Seoul, this project was important to me on a personal level as well."

Romero is the Maureen B. Cavanaugh Distinguished Faculty Scholar and recently concluded a two-year stint as associate dean for academic affairs at the LawSchool. His research focuses on immigrant and minority rights, while his teaching interests include constitutional law, equal protection and civil rights, racism and American law, as well as criminal law.

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