The Bakery at Penn State creates Nittany Lion Inn as gingerbread house

December 15, 2008

University Park, Pa. -- Penn State's newest hotel offers delightful views, old-fashioned holiday style and sweet dreams. However, because it fits on a sheet of plywood and weighs a little more than 60 pounds, it won't be booking reservations anytime soon.

Each year The Bakery at Penn State creates several gingerbread houses for the holiday season, and this year "gingerbread architect" Heather Luse constructed a miniature version of the Nittany Lion Inn for the enjoyment of holiday guests of its dining room.

To observe how the house went up, take stock of Luse's building materials and follow the final product to its life-size destination, visit online.

  • Heather Luse pipes icing 'snow' onto the sugary roof of her gingerbread version of the Nittany Lion Inn. For more views of her work, click on the photo.

    IMAGE: Jerilyn Brom
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