Multi-account payroll deduction available from LionCash+

January 07, 2009

A new LionCash+ payroll deduction feature allows Penn State employees to deposit money in up to six accounts.

In the past, Penn State employees could only fund their own LionCash+ accounts through payroll deduction. Now, in response to employee requests, the new LionCash+ payroll deduction feature allows employees to distribute a single payroll deduction amount into a maximum of five LionCash+ accounts in addition to their own.

Over 100 University employees take advantage of payroll deduction from LionCash+. The new feature will now make it easier for employees to fund LionCash+ accounts for family members who are attending or working at Penn State.

For example, a Penn State employee can request a payroll deduction of $125 from each paycheck and designate $50 to be deposited into the LionCash+ accounts of his or her two children who are Penn State students — and the remaining $25 will be deposited into his or her own account.

The amount deducted and how the deduction should be distributed can be securely updated any time online at

For further security, each time the deduction amount or distribution is changed, the employee is notified of the details by e-mail to his or her Penn State e-mail account. LionCash+ is accepted at hundreds of locations both on- and off-campus across the state. For more information on LionCash+, visit

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Last Updated March 19, 2009