Environmental film series kicks off

January 14, 2009

The Earth and Mineral Sciences Library Spring 2009 Film Series started Jan. 14 with a diverse line up of titles featuring vikings, dinosaurs, biofuels and much more. All films are screened at 12:15 p.m. Wednesdays, in 105 Deike Building. The schedule is as follows.
Jan. 21: “The Viking Deception: the Truth Behind the Vinland Map” (53 min.)
Controversy surrounding the authenticity of the Vinland Map.

Jan. 28: “Mystery of the Megavolcano” (56 min.)
The largest volcanic eruption of the last 100,000 years.

Feb. 4: “Great Transformations” (60 min)
The evolutionary changes that triggered earth’s diversity.

Feb. 11: “Extinction!” (60 min)
Extinction throughout earth’s history.

Feb. 18: “PaleoWorld: The Paleontologists – Flesh on the Bone” (30 min.)
The discovery and reconstruction of an almost complete dinosaur.

Feb. 25: “Looking for Life” (56 min.)
Astrobiologists study earth’s most inhospitable places.

March 4: “Flatland” (35 min.)
Flatland is a two-dimensional world.

March 11: No film scheduled. Spring Break.

March 18: “The Hundred Year Hunt for the Red Sprite” (42 min.)
Over a century to capture evidence of an amazing phenomenon.

March 25: “Super Materials” (46 min.)
Current research on synthetic materials.

April 1: “Life After Oil: the New Energy Alternatives” (30 min.)
Ways to solve our energy needs with alternate energy sources.

April 8: “Energy Crossroads: a Burning Need to Change Course” (54 min.)
Current energy consumption patterns and their damaging effects.

April 15: “The Great Green Fuel Gamble?” (29 min.)
Explores the controversy over biofuel technology.

April 22: “Renewable Energy” (28 min.)
Examines the urgent need for sustainable energy.

April 29: “Treasured Places in Peril: Global Warming Impacts on the Southeast” (35 min.)
The effects of climate change in North Carolina and Florida.

The schedule is available at http://www.libraries.psu.edu/psul/emsl/aboutus/video_spring2009.html


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