IST2U to relaunch Monday

January 22, 2009

IST2U, the student-run source for news and events in the College of Information Sciences and Technology, recently went through a series of changes to make it more accessible and applicable to the college's students.

Under the direction of junior Brad Shively, the IST2U media coordinator, the site was migrated to a new content management system and received drastic facelift. The site's administrators worked to make the site more aesthetically appealing and has implemented several alternative content delivery mechanisms, including updates on Twitter and  RSS subscription. He also established a Facebook page where you can "become a fan" of IST2U.

On the Facebook page, Shively is looking to respond directly to users' requests and input.

"If you think something critical is missing that would make IST2U better, more interesting, or more desirable to use, you can submit that feedback directly to the people with the power to implement changes," Shively said. "We have already taken suggestions from users and built them into the new design, but we will continue to evolve the site to meet your needs. Please, tell us how to make IST2U what you want it to be."

The new IST2U will go live Monday, Jan. 26 at:

Last Updated March 19, 2009