End of Racism comedy, lecture tour set for Feb. 24

Preacher Moss and the “End of Racism” comedy/lecture visits Penn State York’s Pullo Family Performing Arts Center (The Pullo Center) on Tuesday, Feb. 24, in celebration of African-American History Month. Preacher Moss will take to the stage to share his sincerity, intellect and comic ability in the 7:30 p.m. free performance. Tickets are not needed for this performance.

"Understanding diversity and multiculturalism requires that we eliminate or reduce the anxiety of our ignorance and how to speak honestly when we can’t," said Preacher Moss. He has been called the new prototype for the comedian of these times and the times to come.

A writer for "The Damon Wayans Show" and "Saturday Night Live," his comedy stylings are distinguished for being sculpted out of the everyday relevance of life and the rare glimpses of truth we value as reality. He is intellectual yet humble. In "Speaking on Truth," Moss has been playing to the hearts and minds of college students, faculty and administrators all over the country. With his insight on "racial understanding vs. racial interaction," he has quickly become one of the funniest social commentators on the college scene today.

Preacher Moss is charismatic and dynamic but does not have to demand great attention or time because his audiences come to cooperatively listen, laugh, and in “special” moments, reflect. Viewed, respected and revered as a man of the people, his words carry life and just as importantly, they carry laughter. Learn more about him at www.preachermoss.com.



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Last Updated November 18, 2010