Two Facebook groups launched for New Kensington alumni

February 26, 2009

Two alumni groups have been launched on Facebook for former students of Penn State New Kensington.

The first group, Penn State New Kensington Alumni, is open to all alumni, friends and former students of the campus. Alumni who earned their Penn State degrees at the campus or those who attended New Kensington and earned their degrees at another Penn State campus are welcome to join. In addition, former campus students who attended PSNK (or PSUNK, as it was known in the early years) and then left to pursue other career paths are encouraged to reconnect with the campus. These individuals include many former athletes who continued their academic and athletic careers at other institutions.

Many of these former students have been "lost in the shuffle" because their addresses are no longer on file. Even the records of some of those who graduated from Penn State are out of date. Facebook is a way to catch up with the "lost" alumni of the campus. Currently, there are more than 50 members of the group.

The other new Facebook group, Penn State New Kensington Players, is geared to former members of the theatre-based student club that produces the semi-annual campus stage productions. Created by Vera Spina, who attended the New Kensington campus for two years before receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2003 from University Park, the group is putting together a reunion for all actors, directors and stage hands who participated in theatre activities.

The reunion, sponsored by the Alle-Kiski Society, will be a part of the campus homecoming and family weekend that is slated for the end of October. The thespian group raised its curtain last month and now has 40 former cast members on its rolls.

Facebook is social networking Web site that is used by people from around the world to connect and interact with others. People send messages to their friends and update information about themselves. It began in 2004 by a Harvard student give to incoming students, faculty, and staff as a way to get to know other people on campus. A majority of students from all colleges and universities are now members and have joined networks organized by school, workplace and region. Penn State supports Facebook as a means of communicating alumni, current students and prospective students.

To join one or both of the groups, go to Facebook and search Penn State New Kensington Alumni or Penn State New Kensington Players. For non-Facebook users, you must first create a free Facebook account at

For more information, contact Bill Woodard at (724) 334-6049 or via e-mail, or better yet, via Facebook.


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