Student Stories: Ag sciences education took him to auto industry

March 05, 2009

Javier Moreno of Culebra, Puerto Rico, decided in high school to dedicate his life to the study of the agricultural sciences because he dreamed of making a difference in people's lives. So it seemed only natural for him to attend Penn State.

In December 2003, the Agricultural and Extension Education major, with a minor in International Agriculture, became the first Puerto Rican and first Penn State student to be named National FFA president. As part of his duties, Moreno traveled across the country meeting representatives of companies that support FFA.

Toyota's business ethics and environmental leadership captured Moreno's interest. He pursued a community-relations internship with the company in 2005 and a marketing-communications internship with the auto-maker in 2006. He currently works as a top strategic research specialist at the company’s North American headquarters in New York City.

"My job is to look at the national economy, auto industry and market to identify sales trends in North America and Mexico to educate executives about the market," he says. "They make important business decisions based on the knowledge that the analysts provide."

Although he's not making a difference in people's lives in the ways he imagined, Moreno has maintained his goal to stay involved in the agricultural sciences. "I'm gathering knowledge to make the most efficient vehicles possible both financially and environmentally," he says. "Among these vehicles are trucks that serve farmers' needs and, consequently, all aspects of agriculture."

Moreno credits Penn State faculty and the FFA presidency for opening career doors for him. "I recommend that students get to know their faculty members on a deeper level than the traditional student/instructor relationship," he says. "Many of my professors played a huge role in my success through their unconditional support and dedication."


  • Javier Moreno in New York City. An education in the Agricultural Sciences has served him well.

    IMAGE: Penn State

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