Architect and author of EcoSkyscrapers to give public lecture

March 10, 2009

University Park, Pa. -- Architect and ecologist Ken Yeang will give a free public lecture, "Redefining Green Design," at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, March 27, at the State Theatre on College Avenue, in State College. He will discuss ecological design or ecodesign from theory to practice. Yeang is the second speaker this year in the Raymond A. Bowers Distinguished Lecture Series, which is sponsored by Penn State's Raymond A. Bowers Program for Excellence in Design and Construction of the Built Environment.

A native of Malaysia, Yeang received his Ph.D. in ecological design from Cambridge University. In 2005, he became a director of Llewelyn Davies Yeang, an international firm dedicated to delivering innovative signature deep green buildings and ecodesign strategies. Yeang is one of the world's leading architects in ecological and passive low-energy design and is best known at the inventor of the Bioclimatic skyscraper (as a genre of low-energy skyscrapers based on bioclimatic design principles), and for his novel ideas on designing the high-rise building type as a vertical urban design. He is the author of "Ecoskyscrapers."

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