Two new research awards at Penn State Brandywine

March 16, 2009

Independent research represents one of the highest achievements of undergraduate student learning. Completing serious, high-quality research requires critical thinking, analysis and creativity. Two new awards showcase the most rigorous and significant undergraduate research from a wide variety of academic fields originating at Penn State Brandywine.

Both awards recognize that undergraduate research exposes students to detailed involvement in their field, builds leadership and promotes excellence. The Student Undergraduate Research Award and the Faculty Undergraduate Research Award will acknowledge one outstanding faculty member and one outstanding student for their involvement with undergraduate research over the past year and a half. This inaugural monetary award will be presented at the Spring Recognition Dinner on April 15, and will be given annually based on an endowment for such purpose.

Full-time faculty who have published or presented their work with undergraduates since January 2008 are welcome to apply. Award candidates will have established an outstanding record of research as shown by: (a) obtaining funding that includes student participation; (b) publishing; and (c) presenting their work with undergraduate coauthors. Additionally, they will have shown evidence of reaching out to diverse populations and bringing research-type activities into the classroom. Winners of this award will stand out as role models and leaders at Penn State Brandywine.

All students who have published or presented research originating at Brandywine are welcome to apply. Qualified candidates will be current Penn State students or will have graduated no earlier than December 2008. These students will have presented their work at conferences or published their work individually or as a coauthor since January 2008.

The deadline for nominations for the award is March 20, 2009. The award committee encourages faculty and students to plan their application. Application materials should be e-mailed directly to the Chair of Committee Raed Elaydi at

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