HD and digital channels available in University Park residence halls

April 06, 2009

The football team isn’t the only thing HD at University Park anymore.

Digital and high definition (HD) signals are now available in most University Park residence halls. Students in residence hall rooms can now enjoy the crystal clear quality of digital and HD television when watching WPSU and the Big Ten Network.

The new signals are being broadcast as "Clear QAM Digital." To receive and display these signals, your TV needs to have a QAM digital tuner. Your TV instruction manual may indicate this by stating that your TV is " digital cable ready" or "with ATSC/QAM Tuner." You may need to refer to the manual to determine if it is compatible with the new channels.  In most cases a channel scan will need to be run to properly display the new channels.  Visit http://www.hfs.psu.edu/tvlistings/faqs.shtml for more information.

There is no extra fee or charge for the new HD service. The new signals are provided at no extra cost as a part of the Basic cable TV service. For residence hall students at University Park, Basic cable TV service is included in room and board rates.

Multiple digital signals can fit into the same bandwidth space as a single analog channel. Therefore the four new digital channels, two of which are HD signals, have different sub-channels within channel 6.

Those stations are:
6-3 – WPSU, standard definition format
6-4 – WPSU, high definition format
6-5 – WPSU, The World, standard definition format
6-19 – Big Ten Network, high definition format

TVs that are not digital or HD ready can still watch the above channels on their TV sets:
WPSU – channel 3
WPSU, The World – channel 7
Big Ten Network – channel 20

For more information, visit Housing’s HD/Digital Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Last Updated April 07, 2009