ESM graduate student Sollenberger pulls hat trick, nets three awards

April 21, 2009

Stanton Sollenberger, a master's degree student in engineering science and mechanics, has received three prestigious awards since January 2009.

Sollenberger's paper, "Effect of Stress Concentrations in Flexible Matrix Composite Driveshafts," won first place in the American Helicopter Society's (AHS) Robert L. Lichten Competition, Mid-East Region. He is now eligible to compete at the international level.

The same paper earned Sollengberger the 2009 AHS/NASA Summer Internship Award from the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. The award gives him the opportunity to intern for one of three NASA Aeronautics Centers.

Sollenberger also was named the winner of the 2009 American Helicopter Society Vertical Flight Foundation Scholarship in the Master of Science category. The award recognizes students who show an interest in a career in the vertical flight industry.

Sollenberger is advised by Charles Bakis, distinguished professor of engineering science and mechanics, and Ed Smith, professor of aerospace engineering.

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Last Updated April 21, 2009