British study abroad students embrace Penn State Abington

Sixteen British students and their business professor traveled across the pond on April 6 to Penn State Abington in order to complete an embedded study abroad course about International Business. Lecturer Ian Kitchener led the group from University of Gloucestershire, which is located approximately 100 miles northwest of London.

The group, in the United States for 10 days, attended business classes taught by Penn State Abington faculty and took class-related excursions to New York City, Philadelphia and suburbs. The educational trip wasn’t all business though, as the group had time to enjoy a Philadelphia 76ers game, shopping at the Willow Grove mall, and eating authentic Philly cheesesteaks.

The study abroad group seemed to embrace the friendly Penn State Abington students and beautiful campus. “I really enjoyed how friendly everyone was. Everyone on campus was absolutely lovely, welcoming and inviting,” enthused Geraldine Wallace.

Hannah Course also enjoyed her 10 days at Penn State Abington. “I loved the whole community feel of the campus -- walking down the paths, everyone saying, ‘Hi, how are you?’ It’s a real family community. I definitely will be coming back. You haven’t seen the last of me yet.”

Kedon Bailey was impressed with the organization of the program and study abroad in general. “I enjoyed meeting the Penn State fraternity and how well organized the program was. I liked the lecturers. Dr. Novack was my favorite. It was interesting to see how students here really go about their everyday life. I learned a lot. Studying abroad breaks the ethnocentric barrier. It breaks the unknown boundary/barrier of communication. I would be quite happy to recommend studying abroad to my family and friends -- anyone who is studying.”


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Last Updated April 27, 2009