Engineering students show off their capstone design projects

April 30, 2009

Penn State engineering students presented their capstone design projects at the College of Engineering's Student Design Project Showcase on Wednesday, April 29, in the Bryce Jordan Center's Annex Gym on the University Park campus of Penn State. The event, which was free and open to the public, also featured student projects from ENSGN 100 courses, junior-level bioengineering design courses, the Master's in Manufacturing Engineering Program, the humanitarian engineering program and a Science, Technology and Society course on the history of technology.

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  • Mechanical engineering senior Jackson Siu, right, explains the airbag design for an alternative seat system for the Orion space capsule during the College of Engineering's Spring 2009 Design Showcase on Wednesday, April 29, in the Annex Gym at the Bryce Jordan Center.

    IMAGE: Curtis Chan

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