WPSU call-in show focuses on the housing crisis

May 15, 2009

Experts offer advice on how to get through the tough times

University Park, Pa. – The current economic crisis has brought the threat or dire reality of unemployment, displacement, and anxiety to millions of Americans and thousands of Pennsylvanians. While the federal government steps in with stimulus and funding programs to offer hope of assistance, many affected Americans continue to feel confused, helpless and isolated.

WPSU-TV is responding with a one-hour live call-in and web interactive program intended to clarify the chaos and offer solutions to many of the economic problems confronting its viewers.

Join host Patty Satalia and a panel of experts on "Surviving the Housing Crisis," which will air live at 8 p.m. on Thursday, May 28 on WPSU-TV. Call (800) 543-8242 during this hour-long call-in program to have your questions answered live. Or call (800) 245-9779 to speak with our phone bank. You can also watch the show live online at http://wpsu.org/housingcrisis.

This live, statewide call-in broadcast will also be simulcast on The Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) and WPSU-FM.

The panel includes Kate Newton, director of homeownership programs for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency; Paul Berkobin, mortgage consultant; Brian Rabian, director of the Penn State Psychological Clinic; and Brenda Zimmerman, an attorney with MidPenn Legal Services.

Home foreclosure lies at the base of our economy’s collapsing house of cards. As homeowners foreclose, neighboring homes lose value. The folks next door end up with mortgages larger than their equity and no way to pay them. As defaults and toxic assets exhaust bank credit, businesses close, jobs go away, and families unable to pay their bills feel unrelenting pressure that affects both young and old.

A phone bank of Cooperative Extension educators will also be on hand during the program to take calls from viewers, answer questions, and direct them to resources in their area.

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