CIED students present at national conference

May 20, 2009

Students in Penn State’s Comparative and International Education (CIED) program were selected to present papers at the 53rd annual Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Conference in Charleston, S.C., March 23-26. The conference was hosted by the Teachers College at Columbia University.

The theme of this year’s conference was “The Politics of Comparison.” Highlights of the conference included three keynote speakers and tributes to two former members who were killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan while pursuing their work interests.

“We take pride in supporting our CIED students to attend the CIES Annual Conference because it allows many students to present their scholarly work after rigorous peer review of their proposals,” said Ladislaus Semali, associate professor of education and professor-in-charge of CIED.

CIED is a joint graduate degree program at Penn State. The program allows students to earn dual degrees in CIED as well as in another field, such as education, health and human development, and agricultural sciences. This inter-departmental approach to education aims to train scholars who advance our basic knowledge about schooling and education around the globe.

According to its Web site, the U.S. Comparative and International Education Society is comprised of over 3,000 members. It has grown exponentially over the past few years. More than half of its members live outside the United States.


Jessica Marie Bagdonis, graduate student in Agriculture Education and Extension
"The consideration of agriculture in comparative and international education: A content analysis"

John Collins, graduate student in Educational Policy and Theory
"Dissecting Knowledge and Approaches to HIV/AIDS Education: The Cases of Ghana, Peru and Ethiopia"

Khansaa Diab, Hubert Humphrey Fellow
"Strategic and Growth Contexts of Higher Education in the Middle East"

Mehnaz Jehan, Ruxana Parvin, and Natasha Djuricic, Hubert Humphrey Fellows
"NGOs and Education: Case Studies from Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Pakistan, and Serbia"

Samira Halabi, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Dissecting HIV/AIDS curricula: Limitations and critical weaknesses"

Sue Bin Jeon, graduate student in Educational Leadership
"Tracking the effect of NCLB on the achievement gap"

Kristen Ahyoung Lee, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Effects of language policies to promote English proficiency in Asian countries"

Juan Leon, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Gender gaps in Arabic countries: The role of teacher and school variables narrowing the gap

Kadian McIntosh, graduate student in Higher Education
"International students in engineering programs: Examining curricular and co-curricular experiences and learning outcomes"

Izumi Mori, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Backgrounds of private tutoring in the United States"

Maya E. Nehme, graduate student in Entomology
"Environmental sciences literacy across the world: Differences and similarities"

Valerie Payen, Hubert Humphrey Fellow
"Educational Challenges Facing Adolescents and At-Risk Youth: Cross-National Perspectives"

Hyun Kyoung Ro, graduate student in Higher Education
"Societal and global awareness of non-U.S. citizen students in engineering majors"

Mary Chandy Vayaliparampil, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"An inclusion perspective of SWASTHH Plus: A UNICEF health and sanitation intervention in India"

Yu-Wei Wu, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Toward a global teaching system: Transnational mobility in the teacher workforce"

Min-Jong Youn, graduate student in Educational Theory and Policy
"Effects of schools' testing policy on students' academic achievements and engagements"

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